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A couple years after publishing the Whizbang plucker plan book, I started selling some of the parts needed to make a Whizbang plucker. I have now been selling these parts for nearly a decade. Thousands of Whizbang pluckers have been made with the parts I've sold off this web site. You can find cheaper parts and you can find more expensive parts, but I'm confident that the parts I sell are the best value you will find.   

There are now other people who use my Whizbang name to sell their plucker parts on the internet. I want to make it clear that this web site is the only place where I, Herrick Kimball, inventor of the Whizbang plucker, sell Whizbang plucker parts.

This page offers individual plucker parts. But if you want to save the most money, be sure to check out the Whizbang Plucker Parts Shebang Package.


These Whizbang featherplates are 3/16” thick and 20-1/2” diameter. My plan book recommends a 1/4" thick aluminum featherplate, but that is thicker than is needed for a featherplate of this size. I've now (as of spring 2016) sold well over a thousand of the 3/16" aluminum feather plates without any problems.

The plate has 66 finger holes (3/4” diameter). The back side of each finger hole is chamfered so the fingers pull in more easily.

20-1/2” is the only diameter featherplate I sell. It will pluck one to three chickens at once (I usually pluck two at a time) or one turkey up to 40 pounds. These plates are 1/4” smaller in diameter than the size I show in my plan book. If you use a 55-gallon plastic barrel for your plucker tub, the featherplate should work (I haven't heard of them not working but I don’t guarantee that they always will). As an alternative to the barrel-for-a-tub, you can always use a piece of the HDPE plastic sheeting I sell (see below).

The nice thing about these featherplates is that they have a 1/4” diameter hole drilled smack dab in the center. This hole will accept the 1/4” pin on the Whizbang drive shafts I sell (the picture above shows the center hole with the shaft pin in it). Or, if you opt to make your own shaft, you can use the hole in the featherplate to help get your shaft centered.
AVAILIBILITY: Back in stock & ready to ship.
PRICE: $128.00 (postage paid)


If you want to make your own featherplate, you can purchase just a flanged shaft from me. The shaft is made of sturdy, wobble-free, 1-inch diameter carbon steel. The flange is 3” by 3” and is solidly welded in place. The flange has four 3/8” diameter holes drilled in the corners. The top surface of all shafts are machined so they are precisely 90-degrees to the shaft, which translates into a smoother running feather plate. A 16" driven pulley is securely attached to the bottom of the shaft as explained on page 36 of the plan book (there is no keyway).

As the picture above shows, these shafts also come equipped with a 1/4” diameter hardened steel pin exactly in the center of the shaft. The pin sticks out about 1/4" and can be used to center your shaft on your feather plate.

AVAILIBILITY: Back in stock and ready to ship.
PRICE: $57.00 (postage paid)



If you purchase both a featherplate and shaft from me using the add-to-cart button below you can save a few bucks. But, more than that, I’ve drilled  the 3/8” holes you need in the featherplate to bolt it to the shaft flange. And I even include the bolts, washers, and nuts to put the two parts together.
AVAILIBILITY: In stock & ready to ship.
PRICE: $182.00 (postage paid)


Flange Bearings For The Plucker Shaft

You need two bearings like shown in the photo above to make your Whizbang chicken plucker (see page 12 in the plan book). Two hex screws in each bearing collar tighten down onto the feather plate shaft to lock it in position.

It is possible to spend a LOT of money on a 1” diameter flange bearing, but there is no need to spend $50 or $60 for a single bearing when you’re making a chicken plucker. A relatively inexpensive bearing from a Pacific Rim manufacturer will do the job just fine. My own Whizbang plucker, made with such bearings, is ten years old and they are holding up just fine.

The bearings I’m selling here (pictured above) are made in China. They are a very decent bearing for the cost. If you grease your bearings (there is a grease zerk on each one) every time after you use the plucker, or after every 75 to 100 birds (whichever comes first), these bearings will give you trouble-free service for many, many years.

AVAILIBILITY: In stock & ready to ship
PRICE For Two Bearings: $35.95 (postage paid)


This kit contains all the hardware you need to make your idler arm and attach the arm to your plucker (as shown on page 18 of the book). That means you get a flat face idler pulley with reducer bushing, machine bolt, nut, lock washer, large flat washer, hinge, machine screws, lockwashers & nuts for the machine screws, 2 eye screws, extension spring, 7ft of vinyl coated cable (vinyl coating protects from rust and 7ft is enough to use for measuring average barrel diameter--- see page 23 of the book), and two cable clamps. Everything you need to make the arm, except the wood, is in this hardware kit.

The idler is a top-quality pulley made in the U.S. by Fenner Drives. It is 3-1/2” diameter and made of a tough, durable fiberglass and nylon composite, which means it will never rust.

I've read commentary from some plucker builders on the internet who assert that the idler pulley is not needed. They say their plucker runs just fine without it. Well, that may be the case when the plucker is just made and you adjust the belt really tight. But I can tell you that I sell a lot of these kits to people who thought they didn't need the idler and found out different.

Without the idler, as the belt relaxes with use, it has to be continually readjusted  to make it tight again (because the belt is slipping). An idler pulley eliminates belt tightening. Fact is, a slack belt, with idler tension gives you more "wrap" around the motor pulley. It's not a lot but it's enough to make a difference in power transmission. I strongly recommend the idler pulley on your Whizbang plucker— right from the start.
AVAILIBILITY: In stock & ready to ship
PRICE: $38.95 (postage paid)


This pulley is ideal for the driven pulley on your plucker. It has a 1-inch bore, two shaft set screws, and will accommodate a 4L (1/2 inch) V-belt. 

I have these pulleys made-to-order at a US pulley manufacturing company and have sold hundreds of them in the past few years. My Whizbang pulleys are flywheel heavy and VERY WELL MADE. The 1” larger outside diameter will slow the featherplate speed down a bit more than a 15” pulley. But the slower speed is no problem at all.In fact, I tend to think the slightly-slower speed plucks better.
AVAILABILITY: Back in stock and ready to ship.
PRICE: $76.95 (postage paid)


You can make your own tub with this 1/8” thick by 20” wide HDPE plastic sheeting. I’ll send you a 7-foot length. That’s enough to make a tub for up to a 24” diameter featherplate. Just overlap the ends and use some small round-head bolts with washers to secure the tub at the diameter you need. Then screw to the plucker frame as explained in the plan book.
AVAILABILITY: Out of stock
Please Note: I have stopped selling this tub plastic for a couple of reasons. First, my local supplier went out of business and I have been unable to find another supplier with a reasonable wholesale price. Second, few people bought the plastic. They opted instead to use a recycled, food-grade plastic barrel for their tub (as I show in the plan book). These barrels can be found on Craigslist listings all over the country and are reasonably priced. Also, if you use a recycled barrel for your plucker tub, you can leave the bottom on and cut a feather discharge hole in the side, as I discuss on page 58 of the plucker plan book. A lot of plucker builders are now doing this.



If you’re making a Whizbang Plucker, you’ll need 70 plucker fingers for the featherplate and 50 fingers for inside the tub. These top-quality, Made-in-the-USA, Kent C-25 medium-durometer-hardness rubber plucker fingers are the best fingers on the market. They have proven themselves over decades of use to be very effective at removing chicken, turkey, duck and goose feathers. They are designed to fit into a 3/4” hole.

The C-25 design was developed by Kent Tomlinson in the 1940’s. Kent fingers have a unique elliptical-taper-shape with a distinctive raised crisscross in the tips.  Not only do these fingers pick feathers remarkably well, they have a reputation for durability and longevity. This is due in large part to the high-quality, natural-rubber formulation Kent uses.

I recently read the comments of a man on the internet who said that the fingers on his six-year-old poultry plucker were breaking and he needed to replace them. They were NOT Kent fingers. The Kent C-25 fingers in the tub plucker I built over 11 years ago are all original, and not one has broken. They have plucked many thousands of birds, and look like they have a lot of years left in them.

Also, Kent C-25 plucker fingers are USDA approved for use in food processing equipment (documentation can be sent upon request).

Kent fingers have been made in the USA by the same small family business since 1944. Kent is the oldest and most renowned plucker finger manufacturer in the world.

I have been contacted by other people who want me to sell their plucker fingers. They tell me that I can buy their fingers for less. But I'm not interested in selling cheaper fingers. I'm satisfied selling a reasonably priced finger with a 50+ year old reputation for durability and efficiency. You will be satisfied with these fingers too.

I sell 125 fingers for $115.00, Priority mail postage paid, anywhere in the U.S. The price goes down when you purchase more fingers, as the drop-down menu below shows.

Fingers to Canada & the rest of the world: Yes, we ship plucker fingers just about everywhere in the world. CLICK HERE FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING DETAILS

AVAILABILITY: Back in stock & ready to ship
PRICE: $115.00 for 125 (postage paid)

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All plucker parts Shebang Packages are sent out with a Ask Me About My Whizbang Chicken Plucker bumper sticker and a bright yellow CAUTION sticker as shown in the picture above. You can also purchase the stickers separately. These are high-quality vinyl stickers with UV-resistant exterior printing.
PRICE: $3.00 (for one each of the two stickers) (postage paid)